Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday

Jessee and I celebrated our birthdays last Sunday. A great meal was topped off with a Tessa cheesecake. The kids gave me a fancy Mah Jongg set and a book so I can teach myself how to play. I've only played once so it will stretch my brain cells. Then I will have to find some people who play the game--who knows where this could lead! Jessee's 23 and I am beginning my last year in the 50's. Then it's on to the Fabulous 60's!
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Sunday, January 16, 2011


From this
to this .....and soon another generation will begin with Mylah Jane's birth in May. Children are a blessing from the Lord!
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a Girl!!!

Last Friday I went with Matt and Tessa to the ultrasound appointment. At first they were not going to find out the sex of baby, but Tessa's curiosity got the best of her. Enter Jami (above right). She's the glitter in the family and loves celebrations. She had heard of a fun way for people to find out what the baby was so at the point in the ultrasound when the technician was looking at the "down there" part, she had us close our eyes while she took a picture. She put the pictures in an envelope and sealed them up. Later that night Tessa gave the envelope to Jami. She was the only one who knew and she made a cake-pink or blue- to be cut the next night when we all gathered. She went to Rochester after making the cake and didn't trust Tyler not to peek, so she took the cake with her :)
Everything was so pretty. The cake said, "10 lil fingers 10 lil toes Boy or girl soon we will know." Family and friends gathered around as they cut into the cake. Those guessing boy stood on one side and girl on the other. I thot boy even tho wishing girl. Boy would have been fine but I look forward to sewing girlie stuff and doing girly things. I even wore pink undies in hope!

And it was pink!! I think both Tessa and I had decided it was a boy, so it was pretty shocking. Her name will be Mila Jane. Many years ago Tessa wanted a girl named Mila and Jane is for her Grandma who died last year. Can't wait to watch her come into the world. Sewing to begin very soon.....

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Cat in the Hat

I saw this fabric on a blog I follow and loved the bright colors. Then she had kits available for this small quilt. I snatched up the last one. It was fast and fun because all the pices were cut. I just had to sew them together and do the quilting. This was the first time I tried quilting in straight lines which was perfect for this quilt. I gave it to the parents-to-be with a Cat in the Hat book.

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