Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday musings

The question would be---am I up to musing about anything at 10pm after cleaning half the carpet?
For days I've been cleaning and de-junking. No one should ever build a log home, in the country with farm dirt, and burn wood to heat the house. I'll tell ya what...this is the dirt-makingest house on earth! If I obsessed and spent every moment of every day cleaning, it might not be so bad. But who wants to live like that???? So A big major clean will do til I can't stand it again.
The carpet cleaner which had barely been used was not working and irritating me to no end. In utter frustration, I called the 800 number--knowing full well I'd be talking to someone in Indonesia. And, yes, that went really well!! She told me to take it to Rochester. Just then Tanner came home and looked the thing over. It was ME--not the cleaner. I didn't see the separate container for soap. Now it works fine. He then re-hooked up my tv cords and fixed a problem I was having. I remember when they were little and I was the smart one who could fix things. I used to fix tvs and vcrs and radios and vacumns. That part of my brain obviously no longer works.
Friday we stopped at a few garage sales. For $5.50 we got a funky chandelier( a project), 2 of the folding up lawn chairs hooked together with a table between, and a bowl for Tessa.

I don't remember Saturday.
Sunday we went to church. It was one of those services you don't want to end. The worship music---no words to describe it! I closed my eyes and would not have been surprised if the roof had lifted off. If worship can sound like that here---oh! what will it sound like in Heaven?!!! And here's smiling John on the way home. He felt the same way about the service.
Tonight I read Tessa's blog. She got a wonderful, romantic husband like her dad. I'm so happy they are so happy! Her address is
Son, Tyler bought a boat
and I went to see it today. I'm putting a picture on but it looks like it may not work. It holds 9 people so I hope to have a ride sometime soon. I might be 2.
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bravo Jessee!!!

Jessee got her license today!! So happy for her! Good job Jess!

And on my last post I forgot to mention Norma, who is also missing from the stairs. She hurt her knee and broke a rib.
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John's almost done with hay--the fruit of his labor .

And here are the beautiful gals I get to spend Wed. afternoons with every week studying God's Word and sharing in one another's lives. They make my heart smile!!!
There are a few missing from the stairway. Caroline had open heart surgery 3 weeks ago and Jan had foot surgery....and there's Sue with her broken arm. We seem to be falling apart--fortunately Drs. are putting back together.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Melanie's Choice

This is my friend, Melanie, and her dog, Choice. He's a King Charles Something Something and she just got him last week. I've known Melanie for almost 2 years. We were partnered up thru the mentoring ministry at Bethany. Actually God did the partnering up. God has taught me so much as we've journeyed together. We try to get together almost every week. I'm always telling her how refreshingly honest she is. In a world where we often wear our "I'm fine and everything is fine" masks, it really is refreshing to know someone who just puts it out there and doesn't cover up.
Melanie is a very organized person and has a wayyyyy cleaner house than I do. She's a determined, kind-hearted, and very forgiving person. Sometimes I give too much advice and am bossy, but she doesn't hold it against me. I'm thankful that God put Melanie and her daughter, Hope, in my life!
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Days

I love watching the hummingbirds! For 2 days I hardly saw a one and then yesterday there were swarms of them at all 3 feeders. They chirp and dive bomb each other and do battle for a spot. I got the camera out when there were 7, but only one remained by the time I got there. Truly amazing little creatures!
Yesterday we went to Walmart to look at flowers. I always wait til they go on sale. And what a deal we got! beautiful hanging baskets for only $2.98 each.
Mortimer the cat has been enjoying the screen porch. I was going to keep all creatures out---RIGHT! I give up.
Phil, who is the owner of Taile the little dog, picked me 2 flats of strawberries last week. The first one I used to make 2 pies. They were delicious but I have got to quit cooking for 6. The last pie was beginning to ferment before it was finished. The last flat was made into 2 batches of jam and some berries to freeze for cake--maybe Trevor's birthday cake.
I knitted thru the weekend. It is calming and creative. Take note, Rae, my first finished dishcloth finally, with very few mistakes!
Now it's time for supper. I made grilled chicken breasts, veggies, and rice. A few weeks ago I bought a cute little rice cooker--red and soooo cute.
Here's to a great week......
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

I spent the day power washing the screen porch and making it liveable. Just need a string of little lanterns.
Henry the horse has been hanging out in the woods since he got out of the fenced area. We lured him out with my woman voice(he probably thot I was Tessa) and carrots. John walked him home and said he was trying a new trick--biting. Henry has a mind of his own and a "tude".
Once inside the fence he posed for me.
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Adventure continues

I was unable to connect to the neighbor's wireless for a day, but the air must be right today. Friday we traveled about town and went to garage sales. Then we went for lunch at the Blue Moose. It was delicious.
Found a huge antique store. Things were arranged appealingly and it didn't smell like your usual antique place. Becky has a sudden interest in antiques, which is wierd. Nicki's bedroom is going to have a new theme--you guessed it.
We were tired ladies when we got home. I'm not a longgggggg shopper so 7 hours was grueling. But fun.
Today we went to a big craft fair by the Red River. It was a perfect day. I purchased a bar of olive oil soap that smells good. The lines for the food tents were too long so we went to McDonalds. Tonight we had great steaks, taters, and squash. I finished a really good book--I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree. About a girl who lived thru the Holocaust. It is small and hard to put down.
I had a few rousing games of croquet with Kelly and Christopher. I beat them soundly each time. Now it's time for Apple to Apples.
Tomorrow our adventure takes us back to Amery.....

Becky got into beading tonight and made herself 2 necklaces!
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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Grand Trip

Hitting North Dakota is like coming into Big Sky country. The sky, seriously, got bigger. Flat fields dotted with big grain bins is what we saw. We also saw North Dakota's version of the St. Louis Arch;) We went to Fergus Falls (as you suggested, Mary) and found nothing but the usual businesses so we didn't hang around. Needed to make a bathroom stop in Barnesville so we went to a cafe where everyone in town was. It didn't smell like most small town cafes--which was a good thing! The food was cheap and great! For $4.95 I had a huge bowl of soup, a hamburger with fried onions on a homemade bun, chips, and carrot cake. I was Happy!
Next door was an antique store. Becky found a tricycle for 6 month old Isaac--a Radio Flyer (made in China) that was like new. I found a lovely wig. No, I did not buy it. We arrived at the other sister's in Grand Forks at 4. Had a delicious dinner, walked the dog, had a cello concert, took sister pictures, and played the game In a Pickle.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Becky and Barby's Excellent Adventure

Yesterday I drove to Amery---a beautiful day to drive along the river!
Becky and I are having our sister getaway. We left Amery at 10 today and traveled in rain to Alexandria, MN. We're staying at the Motel USA. Shopped a few shops til they all started closing. Had dinner at Doolittle's--it was good and good looking.
Tomorrow we go to Grand Forks to see the other sister. May detour to see what Fergus Falls has to offer. Going for a soak in a very large hot tub.
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Sunday, June 8, 2008


These babies are about 3 weeks old. Their mother isn't too sharp and gave birth on the porch under a piece of blue tarp. They lived there about a week and then I made them a home in a box with a little door for mom to get in. Lately they've been sticking their heads out to see the world. Taile, the Jack Russell, sometimes lays by the box watching(more like obsessing), but I trusted her. I should NOT have trusted her. Last night I heard her yipping and she had killed one of them. I'm not liking Taile much right now! So we will have to figure out something else to protect the remaining 2. Life on the farm.....
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Friday, June 6, 2008

Windy Friday

Matt has been milking cows with Tessa 3 nights a week. Yesterday when I was at the Good Steward I found this tee shirt on the rack and had to get it for him to milk in. It says, "Man, I'm draggin' sack today."
My quilts have FINALLY dried. Mortimer is a cat who comes in and sleeps most of the day. He found the nice little tent effect with the quilt draped on the chairs and napped all day.
I went to about 20 garage sales today. I found this rocker at the first one for $15. It's comfortable and I'll paint it. It has a radiator clamp holding something together. Since I don't want to repair anything, I'll slap paint right over it and not worry about what it is holding together.
It seems like a Saturday.
Last night we watched "August Rush". It was a bit magical (nice word for unreal) and held my attention the whole time. Music was good. An best of all it had a happy ending--I like a movie to have a happy ending.
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Memory lane

I wish I could have them back at this age for a day to experience it again. What cute, fun kids!!!!
It's a very bizarre and wonderful thing--this giving birth to little people who grow up to be big people. I feel so blessed that God chose me to be mom to these 4. And to think at one time I was not going to have children--oh my!
I took 2 big quilts to the laundromat today. It's not a cheap venture--$3 a load. I put them in and then went to John's mom's and cut her toenails and visited til my wash was done. Took them home wet and was going to hang them on the line. I jumped out and was hit with an extremely foul odor--freshly spread manure. So I tried to dry them but they're so big, they're now draped about the living room drying.
Back to this manure issue.... Last year the guy who worked the land next to us spread manure almost every day which was weird cuz he has tons of land--why put all your stink next to us? I'm thinking he dislikes us for some reason. This year I was excited cuz he planted oats in the surely fertile soil(after all the manure last year) so I figured he wouldn't spread. Well...he dug up a small plot down a ways--I swear-just to have a place to spread his cheer for us to enjoy. Only a small peril compared to all the pleasures of country living.
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Monday, June 2, 2008

My daughter tells me I have to blog something. This is a flattering photo of my sisters and mom. My last week was rather uneventful.
I planted morning glories and moon flowers(thot they were morning glories but they open up at night when the morning ones close up) around the yard--to climb up the 4 sides of the windmill and along one side of the screen porch. Watched a few movies--"The Savages was rather depressing about a brother and sister who have to deal with a dad with dementia. "Things We Lost in the Fire" also was not a light hearted romantic comedy--which I prefer--but it was good and I got my tear ducts cleaned out a few times.
I stole 2 poppies and some lily of the valley from my daughter's yard. Took care of kids in the nursery at church. On Tuesday mornings I'm doing a study "Continuous Revival" which is very good. I've done Pilates twice all by myself cuz my usual cohorts were gone or taking a break. This morning after Pilates I met friend, Val, for breakfat at Perkins--I misspelled that but believe I'll leave it since it's the truth.
I've washed a lot of quilts but still have some really big ones I'll have to wash at the laundromat. I don't like laundromats cuz they remind me of days of yore when I'd save up a month of clothes and then use every machine in the place and irritate people. John likes them and a year ago went thru a laundromat phase--to save our water he'd take his stuff and then dry it all over the basement and outside. We had a couple date nights at the laundromat. It thrilled him somehow to have me along. Maybe I'll ask him out Sat. night and take him there!! We also like to sit outside Kwik Trips and watch people. When I was young and we visited Gram in Bemidji, we'd park downtown at night and watch people. I'm starting to sound like a fruitcake.
Maybe tomorrow will prove to be an adventuresome day.....
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