Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Days

I love watching the hummingbirds! For 2 days I hardly saw a one and then yesterday there were swarms of them at all 3 feeders. They chirp and dive bomb each other and do battle for a spot. I got the camera out when there were 7, but only one remained by the time I got there. Truly amazing little creatures!
Yesterday we went to Walmart to look at flowers. I always wait til they go on sale. And what a deal we got! beautiful hanging baskets for only $2.98 each.
Mortimer the cat has been enjoying the screen porch. I was going to keep all creatures out---RIGHT! I give up.
Phil, who is the owner of Taile the little dog, picked me 2 flats of strawberries last week. The first one I used to make 2 pies. They were delicious but I have got to quit cooking for 6. The last pie was beginning to ferment before it was finished. The last flat was made into 2 batches of jam and some berries to freeze for cake--maybe Trevor's birthday cake.
I knitted thru the weekend. It is calming and creative. Take note, Rae, my first finished dishcloth finally, with very few mistakes!
Now it's time for supper. I made grilled chicken breasts, veggies, and rice. A few weeks ago I bought a cute little rice cooker--red and soooo cute.
Here's to a great week......
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Tessa Nelson said...

That picture collage (I have no idea how to spell that one!) is truly... beautiful summer, it reminds me of my childhood.. and I don't know why..:-)

Outside the Line said...

I second Tessa's comment. You are becoming quite the blogger Barby.

And I am thrilled that you made a dishcloth.

I think tonight I may pick up my knitting. A nice break from packing.


Wayne Images said...

I love your picture collage! I wish we had a screened in porch!