Friday, October 31, 2008

What a Beautiful Day!!

This is the perfect fall day. This morning John and I drove along the Apple Blossom Scenic Drive. I started to dismantle the screen porch. It's not a fun job while the snow is blowing in. As
soon as I get a pan of apple crisp in the oven I plan to sit outside and finish a book while getting an extra dose of vitamin D.
Yesterday I got lunch at Culvers and went to visit an 87 year old lovely lady. Back when the kids were little we shopped at Red Owl which later became Econo Foods. There was always a white haired lady handing out samples and she was just a bright spot. You could tell she loved people and she would talk to the kids. One day Tanner wanted to buy a lawn mower that was in the paper when he was maybe 11 so we went to get it and there was this sweet lady! I sent her a note afterwards telling her what a bright spot she had been when we saw her in the store and that if she ever needed help or anything to call. She had had a heart attack so called and asked if we'd wash her windows. Tanner, Trevor, and I went and did that. Then I lost touch after she visited her daughter for a while. A few weeks ago she called and said she was rereading my note(from 7 years ago) and wondered if I'd come visit. It brought to mind "God is always at work around you" from Experiencing God. If we aren't watching, we may miss it. We had a delightful visit and I will make a point to visit regularly. And what do our notes or words of encouragement mean to people that we don't even realize. I know they mean a lot to me and I save them a reread them. God is so good!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Moving Day

John and I and Tessa and Matt went to Amery Sat. morning and moved my parents from their large old house to a duplex in town. In 24 hours we managed to get almost all the furniture out and most everything else and put nearly everything away in the new place. Sister Becky, her husband Tim and son Matt were also part of the moving crew. I really liked the new place and could have moved in myself. I think they'll like living there--all on one level--open and cozy. I'll be expecting calls asking where we put things--hopefully I'll remember. Before we left the old house Sat. night, Matt and Tessa took a bunch of stuff no one wanted and put it out at the end ofg the driveway next to the road with a free sign. My parents were aghast! How embarrassing! We came back the next morning and all was gone. So they put more stuff out. My dad went back the next morning and most was gone so HE PUT SOME STUFF OUT!!! If you know my dad--this is unbelievable--but cute.
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Still living

One of these days I am going to return to blogging. It's been a blur of a week and now we are returning to Amery early tomorrow morning to move my parents into an apartment. All night last night I was dreaming of packing and moving each room and woke up feeling exhausted from my night labor. Til then....

Friday, October 17, 2008

Away I Am

I'm at my parents' in Amery, WI. They've both had some health issues in the last week and the ever-dutiful daughter who lives here in Amery, is having a weekend with her kids and grandbaby, so I am here to watch over, cook a little, etc. I brought sewing with and buttons to do. Made a clinic run with Mom this morning.
Tomorrow we may go look at some apartments so they can move out of this big house which we think is making my mom sick.
I'm feeling a little chubby! But happy......

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today we celebrated Tyler's 23rd birthday at Grandma's. Sitting next to John are Kevin and Sara, who are our newly adopted family members that like to come to family functions at Gram's. I was worried there wouldn't be enough cake so I made a chocolate and a pumpkin from scratch. Both were good but I needn't have worried about not enough. Tyler went home with a lot of cake....and bean casserole(poor Jami).

We've been experiencing the Asian Beetle plague for many days now. Between them and the flies I could lose my mind. I can sweep up piles several times a day. Someone said I was being a little dramatic when I called it a plague.....they don't live here!

Tomorrow I get to lunch with a friend and get a haircut!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Tyler's 23!

I might be in a blogging slump or my life is a little boring. I've cut way back on running since gas drains the bank--and if you don't go anywhere, how exciting can life be? I was going to Ryan's (Matt's brother) birthday dinner tonight but it turned out to be at 5:30 instead of 6:30 and I couldn't get all my chores done cuz I found out too late. Was looking forward to it--bummer.

I went and got groceries instead.

Today was Tyler's 23rd birthday. We'll celebrate on Sunday. He brought garbage out to the dump tonight so I got to see him and gave him my first attempt at a herbal hot pack. It turned out well--fits around neck and down shoulders.

Tyler was born on a Sunday and was my smallest baby--a bit under 9lbs. He had such big eyes. I wondered if he'd ever grow into those eyes. He did and is a handsome young man who is a very nice person. Tessa was happy to have a playmate and someone she could boss an mother. One year--he was 2 or 3--on his birthday she dressed herself and him up in pretty dresses and they both posed under the happy birthday sign.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


John is working tonight so I'm having a quiet night at home. Probably exactly what I'd be doing if John was home.
I spent the morning taking in garage sales. I'm thinking time is running out for sales and it was a beautiful sunny day. I found a dresser for my sister, some books, a life jacket, a set of glass candle holders(one of which crashed to the ground in the parking lot), and 4 little antique salt shakers(about 2 inches tall).
I'm going to make a bunch of different hot/cold herb packs so I bought a 20# bag of rice and spices and herbs.
I was hoping the new movie "American Carol" would be in Winona but will have to wait.