Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jami, Nicki, Joe, and Megan (twins- Megan and Nicki)
Hiking. Tyler and Jami.
Lee and Isaac and the tent that got very wet Friday night when it stormed.
The beach left a lot to be desired--the ducks owned it.

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Matt and Tessa
Trevor and Jessee. We hadn't had a birthday for Trevor yet so it happened here.
Isaac who may become a professional ball player someday.

Tanner and Katie.
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Cousins Camping

When the kids were growing up, my sister, John, and I would take all 8 kids camping a couple times a year. Lots of great memories made! Last weekend we did it again with the 8 kids and spouses and significant others, and one grandchild and one on the way. About 18 people in all. It was fun to all be together in the great outdoors!
Tanner in his saggy suit trying to get in.
Some of the group around the campfire. One night Jami had an ice breaker game we played and the other night we played Catch Phrase.
Kids are now enjoyable adults to be with!
Tyler brought his boat for skiing and tubing. We were at Lake Wissota State Park near Chippewa Falls. More memories made ;)

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

My kids

Oh My! What a good looking bunch of kids I have!! They all showed up at Grandma's memorial service color coordinated.
Tessa 27 Tyler 24 Trevor 22 Tanner 20

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Kayak Therapy

On Tuesday evening Sheryl took me kayaking. It was so pretty out and just the therapy I needed--a good friend and nature!!!
We stayed til after sunset. Thanks Sheryl!

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Date night was Chinese food and a full rainbow for dessert.
We drove up to Garvin Heights to see the view of Winona. This surely is a beautiful part of the country!

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Tessa's Birthday No. 27

My first child is now 27--4 years younger than I was when I had her. Isaac helped with the candles and gift opening.

My garage sale high chair came in handy. It hasn't been painted yet but I'll get to it. It's only been a year and I am one of the great procrastinators.
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The Pail Swim

My niece, Tara, was here and my sister decided Isaac should cool off in a pail. It does not take much to thrill a kid! My kids all loved sitting in pails. Below is Trevor all bunched down. Watching Isaac brought back good memories ;)

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New floor

While we were off camping in June, Tyler and Tanner put a laminate floor in the living room. I love it--no more grungy carpet. And it was so nice to have no part in the muss and fuss--just return home and it's there and everything put back in order!
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Our first camping trip was by Lake Wissota near Chippewa Falls. Matt and Tessa and Oliver came with. Oliver is a great camper! He brings his dog bed with and doesn't seem to think it's strange that we are sleeping in this moveable house and sitting outside a lot. On the last camp trip, I woke up to loud snoring in the morning and thot it was Tessa. Come to find out it was Oliver who snores like a human ;)
My sister and her husband camped with us too and brought Sophie for her first camping adventure. She did very well, but I think she thot the whole thing was really wierd. This campground even had wireless internet!

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