Friday, May 25, 2012


One day in February John told me we were taking a road trip for the day so I made a salad and brought little projects I could work on while riding.  When he pulled in at the Dakota firehall I thot that was a little strange and there were cars there.  I walk in and was absolutely surprised by a 60th birthday party.  It made me cry as I slowly scanned the faces and saw family and friends from different times and parts of my life.  Oh, it was a GOOD party!!!
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mylah is One!

It was a great party celebrating a special girl!
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Mylah's chickens

We thot Mylah would enjoy chickens since she loves animals.  Tanner built a 6'x12' chicken coop last winter.  John got 11 chickens from a guy he works with.  5 are roosters and we know what that means at 5am.  I ordered 30 chicks--hopefully no roosters and they are in the basement right now under a heat lamp.  I am looking forward to them moving out because chickens stink!


Becky is a gardener so I made this for her.  She retired this month so will have more time to play in the dirt.
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We had a great 3rd year stay at Melboure Beach.
My adventurous sister, the Baywatch Babe. 
Shelling was great this year! I 've been teaching Mylah to hold a shell up to her ear and I'm sure she hears the ocean even if she doesn't know what she's hearing.  We are staying 2 weeks next year and maybe Mylah can come see the ocean for a week.  She would love it!

We had perfect weather and one short rain.  It was eerie, powerful and comforting all at once.
Love my sisters and the easy flow between us. 
We always get excited to be in the south where we can find a Waffle House.  Love how the waitresses act like they know you well and holler your order to the cook who is cooking right in front of everyone.  It's unique!
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The leg bone's connected to the hip bone


In March Mom broke her hip and had surgery.  She had to spend a month in the nursing home to get her get-up-and-go back.  It was hard to see her there and think that she might not get well enough to go back to the assisted living apartment.  I went and lived with Mom and Dad for a week when she left there to make sure she would do okay.  It is a role reversal--no longer the child, but the parent to the parent.  I tend to be rather bossy so after a week they were probably glad to be on their own.  I cherish that time being with them for an extended time.  God truly blessed me with a wonderful childhood with a good mom and dad!  When they are gone I think I will feel like an orphan even if I am old.
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Florida in February

Becky and I went on vacation!  We stayed in Bonita Springs and traveled south to Naples a few times.  It is a beautiful city!  We also went north to Fort Meyers Beach.  Spent days at the beaches and being lazy. 
Each evening we went to a different beach to watch the sunset.  I love how people gather like they're going to a movie and when the sun finally sets, everyone applauds.  It's a beautiful world God has created for us! 
Enjoyed the Botanical Gardens in Naples.

The hotel we stayed at was run by Middle Eastern people.  The was a lot of black marble, and sort of strange decorating.  All around the parking lot were Greek style statues.  The shower head was one to be remembered---which has nothing to do with Becky pointing out the obvious.
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