Monday, May 31, 2010


My sweet mother-in-law is gone. It was fast and unexpected so it is still sinking in. She will leave a big void in my family.
I was very blessed to have her as a mother-in-law and she was the very best Grandma my kids could have had! She was 90 1/2 and still full of spunk and vinegar. She absolutely hated the idea of going to a nursing home and was still living on her own. God blessed her by taking her quickly. I find myself wondering what she is seeing and if she's met everyone yet. I KNOW she's having a great time!
I was honored to be with her as she took her last breath here on earth. And the very next breath she was taking in Heaven. How awesome is that? She loved the Lord and I know she faithfully prayed for her kids and grandkids every day. She was faithful and our God is faithful! I am comforted that I get to see her again because of Christ and am sad that so many people do not have that hope.
I miss her!
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

One down...4 to go

I was planning to leave my colorful porch chairs without any cushions but after sitting in one the other day to read, I found that the slats were not comfy even with all my padding. I've been digging thru all my fabric and am trying some thin cushions. I still like them plain....I don't know.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

In the works

Wild flowers from John in the middle and leftovers from my Mother's Day bouquet.
The next quilt is ready to sandwich together. The top fabric is for the back. It's a soft, pretty green flannel.
The quilt top is small pieces of antique fabrics I've collected over the last few years sewn onto white muslin.
I have a special person in mind for this quilt.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

An ending and new beginning

I think I have been going thru a grieving process. I spent time this morning journaling thru it to put words to what I've been feeling and what I think God has taught me. Penny came to live with us when she had nowhere to go and she lived here for 9 months. I enjoyed having a female in the house again and she became part of my heart and like a daughter. She and Tanner decided to break up last month and she has moved to Arizona to live with her mom. The mother part of me feels a great loss when I walk past her empty room. I worry that she is ok and that she feels loved and that she is doing alright because she's far away. My heartfelt prayer for her is that she will know how much God loves her and that He can be her all in all. She is a sweet gentle spirit who I feel blessed to know. God had a plan when she came here and He has a plan for her in Arizona and I look forward to knowing what He does with her life. She is precious!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jami is 22

All these little chillins' are growing up so fast! The future bride of Tyler is 22 and we love having her as a family member.
I made her a quilt in her favorite colors (right now....cuz we know those always keep changing)
The back.

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Last month the 3 sisters took a trip to Florida. It was a wonderful week of sister time and beach time. We stayed at a quaint place called Turtle Run Inn. There were 3 apartments and right down from the backyard was the ocean. It was a pretty secluded beach. The weather was perfect. Most mornings we walked the beach and gathered shells.
One morning we got up really early so we could watch the sunrise. The ocean is such a calming and soothing place.
We stayed in the middle apartment. Bright pink it was!
The 2 girls with painted nails decided to go skinny dipping one night because it was on the bucket list of the tatooed one. At about 11 one night we got our flashlights and opened the door. It was SO dark out (clouds) and extremely windy and we got spooked and went to bed. The next night we determined it had to be done so at 8:30 we stepped out and to our relief, there was half a moon and it wasn't windy. So the tatooed one can cross that off her bucket list! I think we would love to make this a yearly escapade. Bob, the owner called to say he saved our beach chairs we bought and when were we coming back cuz April was booking up. I'm ready!
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