Thursday, May 20, 2010

An ending and new beginning

I think I have been going thru a grieving process. I spent time this morning journaling thru it to put words to what I've been feeling and what I think God has taught me. Penny came to live with us when she had nowhere to go and she lived here for 9 months. I enjoyed having a female in the house again and she became part of my heart and like a daughter. She and Tanner decided to break up last month and she has moved to Arizona to live with her mom. The mother part of me feels a great loss when I walk past her empty room. I worry that she is ok and that she feels loved and that she is doing alright because she's far away. My heartfelt prayer for her is that she will know how much God loves her and that He can be her all in all. She is a sweet gentle spirit who I feel blessed to know. God had a plan when she came here and He has a plan for her in Arizona and I look forward to knowing what He does with her life. She is precious!

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Jody Blue said...

You have such a mother heart that you are not afraid or too selfish to share. Penny will reap the benefits of your love and caring for years to come, the Lord will bless her. Seeds have been planted...well done good and faithful servant.

Cassandra said...

So sad to hear that...Lane was too...he was looking for her last weekend, such a crush he had on her:)