Monday, July 27, 2009

Lake Arbutus

We spent 2 nights camping at Lake Arbutus.
Got a handicap spot right on the lake. We all
took turns making meals..Tyler and Jami
making breakfast egg muffins.

The weather on the lake was ever changing. Little
storms would roll in and minutes later the sun
would reappear. Sat. this was repeated frequently.
Found a pretty place when driving and went back
to climb down and see it close up.
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sister time

I spent 3 days in Amery with my sisters. The North Dakota sister, Pat, had her
daughter, Kelly, with. I always like to find a child to craft with so I taught her how to make a dress.
She says she doesn't dress up so she'll sleep in it. I was very impressed with her
patience and stick-to-ittivness. She did a splendid job!

We had a day in Stillwater doing the shops and eating. I just looked and bought nothing.
It's good fun to be with the girls I grew up with!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trevor's 21

Trevor turned 21 on the 16th. Once again I must ask....Where did that time go???!!!
My little childrens is all growed up. Trevor-21, Tessa-26, Tanner-19, and Tyler 23
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My friend Sheryl has taken up the sport of kayaking and loves it. Whenever I've thot of kayaking, I thot it would be scary and claustrphobic. On Saturday Sheryl planned a day of fun for us and it included the scary sport. She was a good teacher and I loved it!
It was great fun. Now I have to get John in one cuz I know he'd love it. I thot that about snorkeling too---and he hated it. This he'd like.
Sheryl made a delicious picnic supper and then we went to see the play "The Great American Trailer Park Musical" which was at an old church that a couple has renovated ...The Muse Theatre. It was a splendid day!
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

My new daughter

Several weeks ago Tanner's girlfriend, Penny, was thrown out by the family she knew....along with all her belongings in black garbage bags. She has no relatives in this part of the country and is only 17. I asked if she'd like to live in my craft room. So, motherhood continues. God brought her here for a reason and I'm excited to see what He is going to do! Penny is a sweetheart with a quiet, gentle spirit and she's a joy to have around. She's an artistic person and I have always enjoyed artistic people!
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The birds and the bees and the ladybugs

When we went camping I noticed some activity on the top of the camper.....two ladybugs procreating. I had never seen ladybugs do it ;)
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Tessa's apron

Last winter when I started making aprons, I had pretty blue fabric for my friend Jody's apron and Tessa said she wanted one out of that. I had gotten the last on the bolt and it had to be for JodyBlue.
This spring I found some more of the blue fabric and was excited to surprise Tessa with an apron for her birthday. Now...the old lady had that fabric in a bag and put it where she knew she would remember. I still haven't found it!!!! So this is the one she got instead. Hopefuly I'll find the blue before the fabric rots.
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Signs of my boys

I made this lovely rain guage for my small flower garden. Below the faucet and with the spectacular bead droplet is a rain guage tube. Upon closer inspection I saw damage. Even tho my youngest boy child is 19 and the other 2 don't live here, there it was---a bullet wound on my faucet. I long ago gave up on wondering, "What were you thinking!?"

When Tanner was little, he built me this birdhouse. It just hangs there year after year and makes me smile. I even asked him to make me a new one since it's not in very good shape anymore and now he's a carpenter. One day I saw movement and found that a family of little wrens were living there!
A new one wouldn't give me nearly the pleasure this one does!
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Jami's birthday

Jami turned 21 in May. Tessa made her a dirt cake with crushed cookies,
pudding, and gummy worms.

I was glad little Puca got to come to the party. She is so cute with so much personality. Ready to go home in her
stylish carry bag.
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Nursery Duty

Once a month we get to help in the nursery at church and John usually looks just like this.
Sometimes he gets a sleepy one and they both sleep during the hour.
I took a picture of this little girl because as soon as she walked in, I thot..
if my friend Rae had a little girl---she'd be dressed like this.

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Monday, July 6, 2009


I've been missing blogging. I am so very tired of my slowwwww dial-up which disconnects about every 3 minutes. BUT, on the 10th I get sattelite!!!! This weekend we went camping with my sis and brother-in-law, Tessa and Matt and Oliver, and Mary. It was a lovely relaxing time. Went canoeing on the Root River and ate well.
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