Saturday, October 24, 2009


My fine son Tyler turned 24 on the 6th. I'm proud of the man he is! I birthed him!!!!
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Oh's another apron...and I'm not done yet. Isn't she cute? She's Tyler's girlfriend for those who don't know.
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Rae Jean

My friend Rae moved to Madison last year so I got to see their new condo when there. It's a very "Rae" house. It's right on the lake so every day she gets to work at her desk over-looking the lake. I've known Rae for about 38 years. There is nothing finer than a girlfriend of many years!!!!

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Relaxing in Madison

My sister, Becky, and I took a trip to Madison just cuz. She got us a great deal on Priceline for the Best Western...$35 a night. It was nice and a sweet Hispanic guy made a full cooked breakfast every morning. I lost some of my pictures but we had a good time even tho I don't have photographic proof. Lots of little shops and antique stores and, of course, eating, knitting, and playing Upwords.
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Pumpkin Man

Ya know the song.....Do you know the pumpkin man, the pumpkin man, the pumpkin man. I know it's muffin but I sang my version when I saw him coming. While the kids were growing up, John enjoyed growing a lot of pumpkins. The kids got their share of pumpkin labor too and then the harvested crop would be sold to grocery stores sometimes and other times they'd sell them along the street in towns that had something going on. The boys would fill up a hay wagon and park in at the end of the road with a sign for prices and a box for money. Then they would ride their bikes down MANY times a day to check on sales. Now his pumpkin crop is rather small. I have a HUGE one sitting by the fireplace that has real character. Pumpkin memories are all over in my head and I'm smiling!
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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Builders

I stopped to see my boys at their current building site. Tyler is on top of the roof and Tanner is on the second floor. It's going to be a house for disabled adults. I think my boys are talented and hard-working! Yes, they are!

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