Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Merry!

Yesterday we gathered at Grandma's to celebrate Christmas. It was so much fun and made me so thankful for family. We ate ham, mashed potatoes, carrots, and did not eat salad and olives that I forgot to take out of the fridge. Jami made a gingerbread triffle and Tessa made cheese bread and cranberry muffins with butter sauce. We did used gifts again this year and I've come to the conclusions it's way more fun than new gifts, AND... I got rid of lots of clutter!
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Ugle Christmas Sweater

We had an ugly Christmas sweater competition. Matt even had a tie that played Jingle Bells. We voted and 1st prize went to Tyler(4th from left). I think it was the wierd necklace and smary way he combed his hair that won it for him. Matt, the tall guy, won 2nd prize. Grandma had the heat turned up so high, we couldn't wait to get out of the hot things. John spray painted a green Christmas tree on the back of his.

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Tyler and Jami planned a whole fun Festivus for our gathering. The kids and I watched a lot of Seinfeld and Tyler has become an addict of sorts since leaving home. So this will only make sense to those who watch and like Seinfeld. Tyler made a Festivus pole and we each got a card containing the above notice that a contribution had been made to the Human Fund. Everyone received a "Fucilli person". Since Matt is tall, he got one made out of spaghetti. My gift was a "Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables", complete with hinged legs that fold up. Other gifts were: a high pressure shower head, a box of muffin stumps, Pez dispenser, a puffy shirt, big woman's glasses, box of Junior Mints, and a portrait of Kramer. It was so funny, I thot my stomach would never be the same from all the laughing. Later we played the Seinfeld game. I must appreciate all the thot and work that went into it!!!!

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

It's been a nice, mellow Christmas. Wednesday night John and I went to church. It was a great service with music to warm the soul! Then we discovered that restraunts were actually open Christmas Eve---who knew?!! So we stopped at Red Lobster for a healthy helping of garlic and butter. Christmas Day I did a puzzle--center pic--, tried a new recipe, and made Chinese food for Melanie, Hope and all the kids. Only one stocking was hung this year since Tanner's the only one left here. If I wasn't such a last minute girl, I could have done stockings for everyone, but the thot overwhelmed me. Trevor and his friend built themselves an ice fishing shack, complete with a pail for a wood stove. Bottom center Matt and Jami(fine actors) are warming themselves by the stove. Sunday we get to do more Christmas fun with a meal and exchanging our used/white elephant gifts. Hope everyone's Christmas was joyful. To think that God Almighty sent His Son here just for us!!!!!
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Monday, December 22, 2008

The Little Princess

Pucca the princess came to Matt's birthday party and was great entertainment. She wasn't bothered by the crowd at all. See that little purse next to her? Jami's taught her how to carry it around and she just prances with it so proudly in her mouth. Oh she's cute!! Just the kind of dog one would expect Jami Small Town Royalty to have!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Matt's Birthday

Tonight we celebrated Matt's birthday. It was snowing and the roads weren't good, but we made it. It was a quick party so everyone could get home. Tessa made huge amounts of stomboli and salad and we had snicker salad and angel food cake with berries. He's modeling one of the pajama pants and boxer shorts I sewed him and slippers Tessa gave him. Had an old window frame that I put black and white photos in that Tessa took at Matt's grandparents' farm. And that is Matt's mom who birthed our tall boy 26 years ago. We are blessed to have Matt in our family!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008


This is what I came home to today. John heard it fall and then when he picked it up, he grabbed the top and the other 2 sections came apart. I would just as soon sweep it all into a bag and forget it--what a collosal mess! Yuk!
Today I went to the library and spent some happy moments browsing. Got a few books and dvd's. I will probably have to watch one tonight since Survivor is over and CSI is a rerun and no ER. Or I should do some Christmas baking.
Good thing my ornaments are cheap plastic. HO HO HO!
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And the Oscar goes to.......

Cherished memories! We spent all our Christmases in Amery as the kids were growing up. We'd usually go for about 4 days of good family fun, good food, and making of memories. Almost every year all the cousins would entertain us in some manner. And this was the Christmas story acted out by Megan and Nicki as the angels,Tessa and Tyler as the shepherds, Matt as Joseph, Tara as Mary, and the baby that year was Trevor so, naturally, he was baby Jesus. It appears Mary was feeding him red licorice to keep him quiet. Life is good now, but sometimes I long for the "good ol' days".
I'm excited that I am going to mentor a young lady who goes to the university. Can't wait to meet her and start the adventure of walking side by side thru life. It's always fun to see what God has purposed and what He will accomplish if we are obedient!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

I finally put up a nice little fake tree. Still needs a tree skirt and some presents under it. Last night we went to the church Christmas celebration which was wonderful with cozy atmosphere, great food, music to make the heart sing, and a table full of nice people. We've been going to Bethany since before Tessa was born and whenever I'm at church I look around and find great comfort in seeing people I'm familiar with and have known for a long time--and some not so long. The bond in the body of Christ is joyful and comforting! I love the part of the body I belong to!

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Name that item

I have moments when I know things I didn't consciously know I knew. The memory bank will spit forth information and I'll think, "Wow, I didn't know I knew that!" When I stopped at a garage sale one day, I walked right to this little metal cup thing and as I was paying for it, the lady selling it asked if I knew what it was. I replied of course, it's a cup for mixing flour and water to make gravy. I got in the van and wondered how I knew that. Now I think my mom must have had one for making gravy. I used it to make gravy and it worked great. And it's not huge like the Tupperware thing for that purpose.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Last minute

On Friday I went to a friend's house for ideas for a Christmas ornament because I had an ornament exchange party to go to on Monday night. Here it is. Lots of hand sewing, but I got it done--12 of them!
I got another idea so bought the necessary stuff and will make those this week to tuck away for next year. How unlike me that will be--actually having something done way ahead of time. The same friend just happened to have a dessert recipe for me too--Thanks Val!

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Jami's gift

Tyler got Jami a new puppy for Christmas. Her name is Pucca and she is an awfully cute, tiny ball of fluff! Jami's been wanting a little dog for a long time and she's been hinting to Tyler......Looks like he got the hint--what a nice guy!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sister Grandma

One of the cutest and most pleasant guests at Thanksgiving in Amery was Isaac. He is son of Tara who is daughter to my sister, Becky. He is so mellow and happy. Had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving. The food was great and fun to just be with family. Becky and I got in a few games of Upwords. We have an ongoing tournament that has been going on for years. When one of us dies, a winner will be declared. We also played Loaded Questions which is always good for laughs. Nephew Christopher played with us and was quite a hoot. In a few weeks we can go back and do it again!
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Monday, December 1, 2008

Give it a hand

It's been my hand all my life. Pretty amazing when I think of all this hand has done in 56 years. It's had painted nails almost non-stop for 42 years. It loved doing schoolwork. It hated washing dishes. It loved to sew and still does. It's been held by John for 37 years--it's held by John as we pray together. It's raised 4 kids--feeding, nuturing, teaching, spanking, tickling, comforting. It is scarred from raising rabbits and scraping it on the cages. It held the hand of my daughter as we snorkeled together in the Carribean. It wears a ring bought on the cruise trip Tessa and I took. It tells a story of a blessed life!

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