Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

It's been a nice, mellow Christmas. Wednesday night John and I went to church. It was a great service with music to warm the soul! Then we discovered that restraunts were actually open Christmas Eve---who knew?!! So we stopped at Red Lobster for a healthy helping of garlic and butter. Christmas Day I did a puzzle--center pic--, tried a new recipe, and made Chinese food for Melanie, Hope and all the kids. Only one stocking was hung this year since Tanner's the only one left here. If I wasn't such a last minute girl, I could have done stockings for everyone, but the thot overwhelmed me. Trevor and his friend built themselves an ice fishing shack, complete with a pail for a wood stove. Bottom center Matt and Jami(fine actors) are warming themselves by the stove. Sunday we get to do more Christmas fun with a meal and exchanging our used/white elephant gifts. Hope everyone's Christmas was joyful. To think that God Almighty sent His Son here just for us!!!!!
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Tessa Nelson said...

I think it looks like Morty had a good Christmas too!