Monday, December 1, 2008

Give it a hand

It's been my hand all my life. Pretty amazing when I think of all this hand has done in 56 years. It's had painted nails almost non-stop for 42 years. It loved doing schoolwork. It hated washing dishes. It loved to sew and still does. It's been held by John for 37 years--it's held by John as we pray together. It's raised 4 kids--feeding, nuturing, teaching, spanking, tickling, comforting. It is scarred from raising rabbits and scraping it on the cages. It held the hand of my daughter as we snorkeled together in the Carribean. It wears a ring bought on the cruise trip Tessa and I took. It tells a story of a blessed life!

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Tessa Nelson said...

Those are neat thoughts. One thing I remember the most, being the most comforting for me growong up, was you holding my head when I had to throw up when I was little. There was something so horrible about throwing up and that was so comforting to me. I'm thankful for all the hard mom type work you did for all of us w/ those hands:-) Thanks!

Jody Blue said...

You're so full of thought and creative. Nicely done!