Monday, December 29, 2008


Tyler and Jami planned a whole fun Festivus for our gathering. The kids and I watched a lot of Seinfeld and Tyler has become an addict of sorts since leaving home. So this will only make sense to those who watch and like Seinfeld. Tyler made a Festivus pole and we each got a card containing the above notice that a contribution had been made to the Human Fund. Everyone received a "Fucilli person". Since Matt is tall, he got one made out of spaghetti. My gift was a "Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables", complete with hinged legs that fold up. Other gifts were: a high pressure shower head, a box of muffin stumps, Pez dispenser, a puffy shirt, big woman's glasses, box of Junior Mints, and a portrait of Kramer. It was so funny, I thot my stomach would never be the same from all the laughing. Later we played the Seinfeld game. I must appreciate all the thot and work that went into it!!!!

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