Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One less body part

This morning Tessa had her gall bladder removed. She had a bad attack Sunday night and a trip to urgent care confirmed it was the gall bladder. Surgery at 9 and here she is about 2 and then home. Modern medicine is certainly terrific! Matt got a full page of color photos of her internal organs that the little camera took during surgery. Even her uterus--the furture home of my grandchildren ;)
So this Thanksgiving I'm thankful that she came thru surgery...Love that girl!!!
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Tessa Nelson said...

You got to see where they'll live for nine months. BUT, I'll have you all know, they did a preg check and it was NEGATIVE! Yay! Great post... those ladies were so much fun!

Jody Blue said...

So good she is back on her feet again, and was able to get in on Thanksgiving dining!