Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Man

Ya know the song.....Do you know the pumpkin man, the pumpkin man, the pumpkin man. I know it's muffin but I sang my version when I saw him coming. While the kids were growing up, John enjoyed growing a lot of pumpkins. The kids got their share of pumpkin labor too and then the harvested crop would be sold to grocery stores sometimes and other times they'd sell them along the street in towns that had something going on. The boys would fill up a hay wagon and park in at the end of the road with a sign for prices and a box for money. Then they would ride their bikes down MANY times a day to check on sales. Now his pumpkin crop is rather small. I have a HUGE one sitting by the fireplace that has real character. Pumpkin memories are all over in my head and I'm smiling!
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Jody Blue said...

I was just inking of a picture I have of Grace at age 3 or 4 trying to carry her pump-man out of the garden. Its good we have such sweet memories. Did your pump-man sell any this year?