Sunday, July 19, 2009


My friend Sheryl has taken up the sport of kayaking and loves it. Whenever I've thot of kayaking, I thot it would be scary and claustrphobic. On Saturday Sheryl planned a day of fun for us and it included the scary sport. She was a good teacher and I loved it!
It was great fun. Now I have to get John in one cuz I know he'd love it. I thot that about snorkeling too---and he hated it. This he'd like.
Sheryl made a delicious picnic supper and then we went to see the play "The Great American Trailer Park Musical" which was at an old church that a couple has renovated ...The Muse Theatre. It was a splendid day!
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Jody Blue said...

How much fun was that!!!!! Is this the Sheryl that drives with her leg? Tell (I'm hoping you have pictures) us more about the church.

Tami said...

Isn't kayaking great? I was concerned with tipping over, but they are actually quite stable. My favorite part, the on the water experience without all the work of a bigger boat.