Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tessa's apron

Last winter when I started making aprons, I had pretty blue fabric for my friend Jody's apron and Tessa said she wanted one out of that. I had gotten the last on the bolt and it had to be for JodyBlue.
This spring I found some more of the blue fabric and was excited to surprise Tessa with an apron for her birthday. Now...the old lady had that fabric in a bag and put it where she knew she would remember. I still haven't found it!!!! So this is the one she got instead. Hopefuly I'll find the blue before the fabric rots.
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Tessa Nelson said...

and I love it! I forget to wear it, but when I do, I feel like a 50's homemaker!

Jody Blue said...

You seriously have to take me to your fabric hut!! I looked in mpls (ok I had Jon take me to just 1 store) but they had nothing I REALLY liked. I love Tessa apron, she's already a 50's homemaker, minus the blackberry.