Saturday, July 11, 2009

Signs of my boys

I made this lovely rain guage for my small flower garden. Below the faucet and with the spectacular bead droplet is a rain guage tube. Upon closer inspection I saw damage. Even tho my youngest boy child is 19 and the other 2 don't live here, there it was---a bullet wound on my faucet. I long ago gave up on wondering, "What were you thinking!?"

When Tanner was little, he built me this birdhouse. It just hangs there year after year and makes me smile. I even asked him to make me a new one since it's not in very good shape anymore and now he's a carpenter. One day I saw movement and found that a family of little wrens were living there!
A new one wouldn't give me nearly the pleasure this one does!
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Jody Blue said...

I like your faucet, bullet wound and all! You can put it in your sun porch to preserve it a bit once the new one arrives

Anders Branderud said...

Nice photos!

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