Saturday, July 11, 2009

My new daughter

Several weeks ago Tanner's girlfriend, Penny, was thrown out by the family she knew....along with all her belongings in black garbage bags. She has no relatives in this part of the country and is only 17. I asked if she'd like to live in my craft room. So, motherhood continues. God brought her here for a reason and I'm excited to see what He is going to do! Penny is a sweetheart with a quiet, gentle spirit and she's a joy to have around. She's an artistic person and I have always enjoyed artistic people!
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Tami said...

Now, I have mentioned on occassion that I would like to reside in your abode. With this new addition to your family, does this mean you are taking on more childre? Or am I too late, and the house is full? Cuz if there is room for me, I'm packing up and heading north!
On a serious note, your heart is generous beyond measure. You have no idea what an impact you may have on this girl. I know my "adoptive" parents changed my life. I am forever grateful, and am always so happy to see other people willing to go out on a limb and love a young person.
May God continue to bless and nurture you in all that you do.

Tessa Nelson said...

You really are an amazing mommy... to all who need one:) I admire you for you for that. more then you know. Thank you for loving Penny. I know it's odd for me to thank you... but that's amazing to me... to know how she must feel being so lost, and you're loving her no matter what! You are a great mommy to me and I have always been very thankful for that!!

Outside the Line said...

Oh Barb, you have such a big heart. This young woman will get much from living with you. And you will also be rewarded by more than likely getting another daughter.


Jody Blue said...

You are an inspiration, and you challenge my heart in areas that at times I'd sooner have left alone! Thanks for your willingness to serve and to live your life as an example that is so so sweet. That precious girl will have her heart changed by your love and sacrifice!