Monday, May 31, 2010


My sweet mother-in-law is gone. It was fast and unexpected so it is still sinking in. She will leave a big void in my family.
I was very blessed to have her as a mother-in-law and she was the very best Grandma my kids could have had! She was 90 1/2 and still full of spunk and vinegar. She absolutely hated the idea of going to a nursing home and was still living on her own. God blessed her by taking her quickly. I find myself wondering what she is seeing and if she's met everyone yet. I KNOW she's having a great time!
I was honored to be with her as she took her last breath here on earth. And the very next breath she was taking in Heaven. How awesome is that? She loved the Lord and I know she faithfully prayed for her kids and grandkids every day. She was faithful and our God is faithful! I am comforted that I get to see her again because of Christ and am sad that so many people do not have that hope.
I miss her!
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Rae Kaiser said...

What a cute picture, and of course you miss her. After a year I still miss my parents. The missing goes on but it changes somehow. Not better, but more manageable I guess. I imagine each year it changes some and is a little more manageable. No matter how long we have them it just never quite seems like enough.

krislynn said...

Heaven is a wonderful place! I wanna go there! Kristi

Jody Blue said...

It will be so fun to greet her again one fine day, you are in my thoughts.

Tami said...

I'm sorry to hear about Jane. What a treasure she has been to her family, and the many others she has touched.

Yes, it is sad to think some turn their backs on Christ's great gift of eternal life with Him.