Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Last month the 3 sisters took a trip to Florida. It was a wonderful week of sister time and beach time. We stayed at a quaint place called Turtle Run Inn. There were 3 apartments and right down from the backyard was the ocean. It was a pretty secluded beach. The weather was perfect. Most mornings we walked the beach and gathered shells.
One morning we got up really early so we could watch the sunrise. The ocean is such a calming and soothing place.
We stayed in the middle apartment. Bright pink it was!
The 2 girls with painted nails decided to go skinny dipping one night because it was on the bucket list of the tatooed one. At about 11 one night we got our flashlights and opened the door. It was SO dark out (clouds) and extremely windy and we got spooked and went to bed. The next night we determined it had to be done so at 8:30 we stepped out and to our relief, there was half a moon and it wasn't windy. So the tatooed one can cross that off her bucket list! I think we would love to make this a yearly escapade. Bob, the owner called to say he saved our beach chairs we bought and when were we coming back cuz April was booking up. I'm ready!
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Jody Blue said...

You could read this as if it were in a modern day novel...sisters, pink apt. sunrise, tattoo'd ladies skinny dipping. So much fun in one post!