Thursday, May 24, 2012

Florida in February

Becky and I went on vacation!  We stayed in Bonita Springs and traveled south to Naples a few times.  It is a beautiful city!  We also went north to Fort Meyers Beach.  Spent days at the beaches and being lazy. 
Each evening we went to a different beach to watch the sunset.  I love how people gather like they're going to a movie and when the sun finally sets, everyone applauds.  It's a beautiful world God has created for us! 
Enjoyed the Botanical Gardens in Naples.

The hotel we stayed at was run by Middle Eastern people.  The was a lot of black marble, and sort of strange decorating.  All around the parking lot were Greek style statues.  The shower head was one to be remembered---which has nothing to do with Becky pointing out the obvious.
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