Thursday, May 24, 2012


We had a great 3rd year stay at Melboure Beach.
My adventurous sister, the Baywatch Babe. 
Shelling was great this year! I 've been teaching Mylah to hold a shell up to her ear and I'm sure she hears the ocean even if she doesn't know what she's hearing.  We are staying 2 weeks next year and maybe Mylah can come see the ocean for a week.  She would love it!

We had perfect weather and one short rain.  It was eerie, powerful and comforting all at once.
Love my sisters and the easy flow between us. 
We always get excited to be in the south where we can find a Waffle House.  Love how the waitresses act like they know you well and holler your order to the cook who is cooking right in front of everyone.  It's unique!
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