Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Moving Day

John and I and Tessa and Matt went to Amery Sat. morning and moved my parents from their large old house to a duplex in town. In 24 hours we managed to get almost all the furniture out and most everything else and put nearly everything away in the new place. Sister Becky, her husband Tim and son Matt were also part of the moving crew. I really liked the new place and could have moved in myself. I think they'll like living there--all on one level--open and cozy. I'll be expecting calls asking where we put things--hopefully I'll remember. Before we left the old house Sat. night, Matt and Tessa took a bunch of stuff no one wanted and put it out at the end ofg the driveway next to the road with a free sign. My parents were aghast! How embarrassing! We came back the next morning and all was gone. So they put more stuff out. My dad went back the next morning and most was gone so HE PUT SOME STUFF OUT!!! If you know my dad--this is unbelievable--but cute.
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Tessa Nelson said...

It was a good time. The one time we weren't really bored in Amery, we were on a mission! I miss seeing the Amery family all the time like we use to when we were little and none of us had lives, jobs, responsiblities...