Saturday, October 4, 2008


John is working tonight so I'm having a quiet night at home. Probably exactly what I'd be doing if John was home.
I spent the morning taking in garage sales. I'm thinking time is running out for sales and it was a beautiful sunny day. I found a dresser for my sister, some books, a life jacket, a set of glass candle holders(one of which crashed to the ground in the parking lot), and 4 little antique salt shakers(about 2 inches tall).
I'm going to make a bunch of different hot/cold herb packs so I bought a 20# bag of rice and spices and herbs.
I was hoping the new movie "American Carol" would be in Winona but will have to wait.

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Jody Blue said...

My Grma Brown had a huge salt and pepper shaker set collection. My dad now has most of it. It was fun to look at them all and Grma would tell the "story" of each set. Our Favorite was a bride & groom on one side and and old & woman on the other side. My dad bought them for her. My sister Tami will inherit them. Thanks for the memory!