Friday, October 31, 2008

What a Beautiful Day!!

This is the perfect fall day. This morning John and I drove along the Apple Blossom Scenic Drive. I started to dismantle the screen porch. It's not a fun job while the snow is blowing in. As
soon as I get a pan of apple crisp in the oven I plan to sit outside and finish a book while getting an extra dose of vitamin D.
Yesterday I got lunch at Culvers and went to visit an 87 year old lovely lady. Back when the kids were little we shopped at Red Owl which later became Econo Foods. There was always a white haired lady handing out samples and she was just a bright spot. You could tell she loved people and she would talk to the kids. One day Tanner wanted to buy a lawn mower that was in the paper when he was maybe 11 so we went to get it and there was this sweet lady! I sent her a note afterwards telling her what a bright spot she had been when we saw her in the store and that if she ever needed help or anything to call. She had had a heart attack so called and asked if we'd wash her windows. Tanner, Trevor, and I went and did that. Then I lost touch after she visited her daughter for a while. A few weeks ago she called and said she was rereading my note(from 7 years ago) and wondered if I'd come visit. It brought to mind "God is always at work around you" from Experiencing God. If we aren't watching, we may miss it. We had a delightful visit and I will make a point to visit regularly. And what do our notes or words of encouragement mean to people that we don't even realize. I know they mean a lot to me and I save them a reread them. God is so good!!!


Tessa Nelson said...

We sure do live in a beautiful area! There are God things all around us and you're right, if we're not carful we'll miss them

Jody Blue said...

Your words challange me to look outside myself. Thank you for sharing.

Outside the Line said...

That was lovely. I remember you talk about this woman years ago.

E me and tell me the story about your folks.