Monday, October 6, 2008

Tyler's 23!

I might be in a blogging slump or my life is a little boring. I've cut way back on running since gas drains the bank--and if you don't go anywhere, how exciting can life be? I was going to Ryan's (Matt's brother) birthday dinner tonight but it turned out to be at 5:30 instead of 6:30 and I couldn't get all my chores done cuz I found out too late. Was looking forward to it--bummer.

I went and got groceries instead.

Today was Tyler's 23rd birthday. We'll celebrate on Sunday. He brought garbage out to the dump tonight so I got to see him and gave him my first attempt at a herbal hot pack. It turned out well--fits around neck and down shoulders.

Tyler was born on a Sunday and was my smallest baby--a bit under 9lbs. He had such big eyes. I wondered if he'd ever grow into those eyes. He did and is a handsome young man who is a very nice person. Tessa was happy to have a playmate and someone she could boss an mother. One year--he was 2 or 3--on his birthday she dressed herself and him up in pretty dresses and they both posed under the happy birthday sign.

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Jody Blue said...

I was showing Grace the pictures of Tyler and his princess on Tessa blog, we were trying to figure out how old he was, I said 22. Then I went on your blog and yelled to Grace 23 he's 23! Oh how time flys! Your lil' farmer is a man!