Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Memory lane

I wish I could have them back at this age for a day to experience it again. What cute, fun kids!!!!
It's a very bizarre and wonderful thing--this giving birth to little people who grow up to be big people. I feel so blessed that God chose me to be mom to these 4. And to think at one time I was not going to have children--oh my!
I took 2 big quilts to the laundromat today. It's not a cheap venture--$3 a load. I put them in and then went to John's mom's and cut her toenails and visited til my wash was done. Took them home wet and was going to hang them on the line. I jumped out and was hit with an extremely foul odor--freshly spread manure. So I tried to dry them but they're so big, they're now draped about the living room drying.
Back to this manure issue.... Last year the guy who worked the land next to us spread manure almost every day which was weird cuz he has tons of land--why put all your stink next to us? I'm thinking he dislikes us for some reason. This year I was excited cuz he planted oats in the surely fertile soil(after all the manure last year) so I figured he wouldn't spread. Well...he dug up a small plot down a ways--I swear-just to have a place to spread his cheer for us to enjoy. Only a small peril compared to all the pleasures of country living.
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Tessa Nelson said...

Aren't we just the cutest things you've even seen?!