Friday, June 6, 2008

Windy Friday

Matt has been milking cows with Tessa 3 nights a week. Yesterday when I was at the Good Steward I found this tee shirt on the rack and had to get it for him to milk in. It says, "Man, I'm draggin' sack today."
My quilts have FINALLY dried. Mortimer is a cat who comes in and sleeps most of the day. He found the nice little tent effect with the quilt draped on the chairs and napped all day.
I went to about 20 garage sales today. I found this rocker at the first one for $15. It's comfortable and I'll paint it. It has a radiator clamp holding something together. Since I don't want to repair anything, I'll slap paint right over it and not worry about what it is holding together.
It seems like a Saturday.
Last night we watched "August Rush". It was a bit magical (nice word for unreal) and held my attention the whole time. Music was good. An best of all it had a happy ending--I like a movie to have a happy ending.
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Tessa Nelson said...

Matt looks like a DORK in that picture! He's been wearing it. Steve came in tonight and talked w/ us for ten mins or so and I know he had a few good chances to read it... don't know if he did, or what he thought:-p