Saturday, June 14, 2008

Adventure continues

I was unable to connect to the neighbor's wireless for a day, but the air must be right today. Friday we traveled about town and went to garage sales. Then we went for lunch at the Blue Moose. It was delicious.
Found a huge antique store. Things were arranged appealingly and it didn't smell like your usual antique place. Becky has a sudden interest in antiques, which is wierd. Nicki's bedroom is going to have a new theme--you guessed it.
We were tired ladies when we got home. I'm not a longgggggg shopper so 7 hours was grueling. But fun.
Today we went to a big craft fair by the Red River. It was a perfect day. I purchased a bar of olive oil soap that smells good. The lines for the food tents were too long so we went to McDonalds. Tonight we had great steaks, taters, and squash. I finished a really good book--I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree. About a girl who lived thru the Holocaust. It is small and hard to put down.
I had a few rousing games of croquet with Kelly and Christopher. I beat them soundly each time. Now it's time for Apple to Apples.
Tomorrow our adventure takes us back to Amery.....

Becky got into beading tonight and made herself 2 necklaces!
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