Monday, June 2, 2008

My daughter tells me I have to blog something. This is a flattering photo of my sisters and mom. My last week was rather uneventful.
I planted morning glories and moon flowers(thot they were morning glories but they open up at night when the morning ones close up) around the yard--to climb up the 4 sides of the windmill and along one side of the screen porch. Watched a few movies--"The Savages was rather depressing about a brother and sister who have to deal with a dad with dementia. "Things We Lost in the Fire" also was not a light hearted romantic comedy--which I prefer--but it was good and I got my tear ducts cleaned out a few times.
I stole 2 poppies and some lily of the valley from my daughter's yard. Took care of kids in the nursery at church. On Tuesday mornings I'm doing a study "Continuous Revival" which is very good. I've done Pilates twice all by myself cuz my usual cohorts were gone or taking a break. This morning after Pilates I met friend, Val, for breakfat at Perkins--I misspelled that but believe I'll leave it since it's the truth.
I've washed a lot of quilts but still have some really big ones I'll have to wash at the laundromat. I don't like laundromats cuz they remind me of days of yore when I'd save up a month of clothes and then use every machine in the place and irritate people. John likes them and a year ago went thru a laundromat phase--to save our water he'd take his stuff and then dry it all over the basement and outside. We had a couple date nights at the laundromat. It thrilled him somehow to have me along. Maybe I'll ask him out Sat. night and take him there!! We also like to sit outside Kwik Trips and watch people. When I was young and we visited Gram in Bemidji, we'd park downtown at night and watch people. I'm starting to sound like a fruitcake.
Maybe tomorrow will prove to be an adventuresome day.....
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Tessa Nelson said...

Thank you for the fun blog. It's fun to read about someone else's life, even if that person doesn't think it's interesting!