Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial weekend

On Friday I had dinner with my fine son, Tyler. It's nice to see what a great young man he has become. It's still rather hard to get used to the idea that he is grown up and no longer my little Tootlebug. When he was little he liked to carve his name on things like a dresser and a car and when confronted, he swore up and down he didn't do it. He always liked things to be straight. He'd line up shoes in a perfect row and furniture could not be angled--had to be flat against the wall. He was a great house cleaner too!
On Saturday I drove to Amery, WI. I garage saled on the way and got a few treasures.
It was fun to hang out with my sisters and parents. It stormed Sunday night and when it cleared there was pretty fog hanging in the back yard.
On Monday we went to see the home my nephew, Matt, bought last fall. It's a nice home and he had it "open house ready" for us--all clean, candles lit, and even had coffee and rolls for us!
And now I'm home and back to the dailies---buttons, buttons, and more buttons.

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Tessa Nelson said...

That picture of the fog was beautiful!!!! Good picture!!