Friday, May 9, 2008


Part of the day today seemed like Friday and part feels like Saturday. John took the day off so the afternoon is Saturday.
This young man on the 4-wheeler is Lane who lives down the road. He came up with his dad and posed for me. He is a true blue farmer and has been since he was just a wee one. When he was a baby I took care of him some. The Waldos have 2 mules that they got last fall and shortly after they got them, the mules broke free and came up here to visit our horse, Henry. I don't know how they knew Henry was here, but they break out on a regular basis now and come visiting. They are cunning and aren't easy to catch so quite often they just stay for a few days. This time they had a long visit. They got them into a little shed today and were able to get a grip on them and took them for a walk home. Henry then stands and whinnies with great grief when his friends leave.

On the left is son, Trevor, getting scrap metal to take to the junk place for money. Looks like friend Jeff is merely observing. He's taking apart our old hay elevator. The barn is now gone and bales are big and round so we don't need it. I have to chuckle because Trevor is reminding me of John and is like John--even tho he would not like to think so. John has always been very
resourceful in thinking of ways to make money when it was needed. One year he went all over to farms and got old car and truck batteries that were no good and took them to the junk place. That's what bought groceries a few times. It will be a good trait that he has passed to the boys. When times get tough, figure out a way.
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Tessa Nelson said...

This is really off the subject - Those clouds in the back are BEAUTIFUL... they were so pretty yesterday!