Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What's Romantic?

My John is a romantic guy. Sometimes when I tell him something he did was romantic, he's surprised that I would think of that as romantic. Romantic to one may not be romantic to another. In the spring he always picks me a handful of crocuses when they come out on the point, daisies in the summer, or little wild flowers--the purple ones that he brought last week and put in an empty potassium bottle on the windowsill.

One summer when we had 4 little kids and only a shower in the basement, John had a babysitter come to take care of the kids and told me to get the book I was reading. In the back of the pickup there were plastic barrels of water. Off we drove to the woods..... he had mowed a spot amongst the trees and put a clawfoot tub there. He filled it with warm water and bubbles and I got to lay there reading. It was beautiful with the sun filtering thru the leaves. I was in another world. This was a real treat for a mom who didn't have a tub. Now that is romantic!!!!


Outside the Line said...

Well that brought tears to my eyes. I guess he is a romantic. Wow.

Tessa Nelson said...

My daddy is a good, good man!!! I was so blessed to grow up w/ him for my dad and how, as I'm older I see that I am also blessed that I had a dad that was and is such a wonderful husband to my mom:-) I am also blessed to have married a man a LOT like my wonderful father:-)