Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Jami!

It's been a beautiful Sunday! John and I had nursery duty this morning. The TV in the nursery was working again so we were able to watch the whole service while taking care of cute little kids.

We had cheap hot dogs at the Midwest grill place. I remember when we'd take 4 kids after church and fill them up on 10 cent dogs and pop--it was the deal of the year! One time when we were eating there, Tanner was about 3 or 4 and had to pee so he gets ready to just pee right there. We WERE outside on grass after all. One of the problems with growing up in the country and just taking care of business wherever you were. He started to pee in the KMart parking lot once too. Off the beaten path there....
Tyler's girlfriend, Jami, turns 20 next Friday. She will be on her way to China then so we celebrated her birthday tonight. She'll be in China for 3 weeks with a group from WSU visiting area businesses who have plants there.

We took a scenic drive home. It's so good to see green!!!!

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