Monday, May 19, 2008

This is a story about a Christmas tree....
One year when it was time for the tree to leave the house(probably wayyyyy past Christmas), I asked John to set it up out in the yard so I could feed birds in it. Maybe I am going to be a crazy old bird watcher lady! I think I put pine cones with peanut butter and seeds on it. One day I noticed something going on...suspicious kid activity. Trevor had dressed in a white paper suit John had gotten from work and he was hunkered down behind a snowbank with a gun aimed at my lovely new bird feeder--shooting at birds. Irritated I was! Then a day or two later I came home to find the top portion of the tree cut off. It was one of my "I can't have anything nice with you kids" moments. I was upset and probably carried on about it. One night John was really late getting home from work and the next morning when I looked out the window, there was another Christmas tree!! After work he had driven all over town looking for a discarded tree on a curb. It wasn't easy cuz it was past tree pick up time. Now.. to me that was extremely romantic! What a dear heart he is!
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Tessa Nelson said...

I think we're revolving around a "crazy old lady bird watcher" theme here!