Sunday, May 18, 2008

I found good junk!

I had a great time yesterday going to sales! It would have been more fun with John, but he couldn't go. One place was very hippiesk. I could have gotten some great hippie dresses John would have liked(he always wants me to get a dress--like when I was 20!) Unfortunately the woman who had them was a size 8. At this place I got a great ancient book "ABC of Lettering"--fun to look at. And all these different hearts and stars for 25 cents each. These pretty little bottles may just make a nice birthday gift for Tessa. The blue one had a metal top that said Bromo Selzer. I remember that--big white tablets you put in water. A big stuffed moose thing had good buttons so I cut them off and Taile the dog has the moose. She is tearing him apart bit by bit. There was a leg on our bed this morning.
And these 2 spectacular chairs I grabbed from an alley for FREE. No, I did not steal them--there was a sign saying free. I also got 4 new perenials for my flower garden of sorts. I don't remember what they'll be so it will be a surprise.

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Outside the Line said...

Remember me, your friend who MAKES alphablets? Next time we get together plz bring the lettering book so I can look at it!