Monday, May 12, 2008

It's Monday night and all is well

It doesn't seem right to write and not have a picture, so here's a picture of a painting at my friend, Rae's house. It is almost as tall as the wall and I love it. I think two old lady friends had a tea party, visited, and were comfortably sleepy, so they dozed off.
Yesterday was a nice Mother's Day. Service at church was excellent and uplifting. At one we all congregated at Grandma's and had pizza, salad, cake and rhubarb pie. I got heart-touching cards and gifts. Grandma needed her windows cleaned on the outside so everyone but me pitched in and they were done in no time. When I came home and changed clothes, the bed looked so inviting that I crawled in to read and that led to a wonderful nap.

Today I got to go to another brunch with the same group of gals I brunched with a few weeks ago.
Then I met with my mentee, Melanie and shopped Michael's and Hobby Lobby. Got stuff to make soap. Friend Mary recommended it as an easy, fun thing to do. Most of the scents to add were quite obnoxious smelling so I settled on Lemon Verbena--clean and light. We'll see how that goes....

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Outside the Line said...

Fun to see my painting!

I think I am the only person who thinks that is a man and woman. It reminds me of my Mom and Dad.