Friday, May 16, 2008

Yesterday I got a good dose of creative therapy. I went to my new friend, Val's, house and we made bars of soap and a spiral bracelets, and had good visiting. There is something about doing something creative that makes me happy and soothes my spirit and it must be done on a regular basis.
And today I have felt so mellow and content! John and I played Trac Ball until the dogs were exhausted trying to get the ball from us. I pulled weeds for half an hour--my hands look pretty awful now. I filled all the hummingbird feeders and seed feeders and put jelly in an oriole feeder. As soon as I came in and looked outside, there was a bluebird having seeds, oriols and hummingbirds drinking and an oriole eating jelly, and those pretty yellow finches! John said I'm going to be an old lady bird watcher.

Tanner came home the other night and said he had met a racoon on the porch. I imagine he comes to eat cat food at night. Maybe a relative to the one John shot on the upstairs deck this spring.

John found himself a new bike! Near his job there was a bike laying for 3 weeks with a broken chain and 2 flat tires. He finally figured no one wanted it so he put air in the tires, got a new chain, and has a 21 speed very nice bike. Bikes is another thing he vehicles. The two of us have 5 vehicles insured and licensed--State Farm loves to see me coming in the door cuz they know John's gotten another car.
I think I'll garage sale tomorrow--I need some junk!

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