Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday musings

The question would be---am I up to musing about anything at 10pm after cleaning half the carpet?
For days I've been cleaning and de-junking. No one should ever build a log home, in the country with farm dirt, and burn wood to heat the house. I'll tell ya what...this is the dirt-makingest house on earth! If I obsessed and spent every moment of every day cleaning, it might not be so bad. But who wants to live like that???? So A big major clean will do til I can't stand it again.
The carpet cleaner which had barely been used was not working and irritating me to no end. In utter frustration, I called the 800 number--knowing full well I'd be talking to someone in Indonesia. And, yes, that went really well!! She told me to take it to Rochester. Just then Tanner came home and looked the thing over. It was ME--not the cleaner. I didn't see the separate container for soap. Now it works fine. He then re-hooked up my tv cords and fixed a problem I was having. I remember when they were little and I was the smart one who could fix things. I used to fix tvs and vcrs and radios and vacumns. That part of my brain obviously no longer works.
Friday we stopped at a few garage sales. For $5.50 we got a funky chandelier( a project), 2 of the folding up lawn chairs hooked together with a table between, and a bowl for Tessa.

I don't remember Saturday.
Sunday we went to church. It was one of those services you don't want to end. The worship music---no words to describe it! I closed my eyes and would not have been surprised if the roof had lifted off. If worship can sound like that here---oh! what will it sound like in Heaven?!!! And here's smiling John on the way home. He felt the same way about the service.
Tonight I read Tessa's blog. She got a wonderful, romantic husband like her dad. I'm so happy they are so happy! Her address is
Son, Tyler bought a boat
and I went to see it today. I'm putting a picture on but it looks like it may not work. It holds 9 people so I hope to have a ride sometime soon. I might be 2.
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