Friday, June 13, 2008

The Grand Trip

Hitting North Dakota is like coming into Big Sky country. The sky, seriously, got bigger. Flat fields dotted with big grain bins is what we saw. We also saw North Dakota's version of the St. Louis Arch;) We went to Fergus Falls (as you suggested, Mary) and found nothing but the usual businesses so we didn't hang around. Needed to make a bathroom stop in Barnesville so we went to a cafe where everyone in town was. It didn't smell like most small town cafes--which was a good thing! The food was cheap and great! For $4.95 I had a huge bowl of soup, a hamburger with fried onions on a homemade bun, chips, and carrot cake. I was Happy!
Next door was an antique store. Becky found a tricycle for 6 month old Isaac--a Radio Flyer (made in China) that was like new. I found a lovely wig. No, I did not buy it. We arrived at the other sister's in Grand Forks at 4. Had a delicious dinner, walked the dog, had a cello concert, took sister pictures, and played the game In a Pickle.

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Tessa Nelson said...

And you didn't buy that wig!? It's so stunning!!!