Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Melanie's Choice

This is my friend, Melanie, and her dog, Choice. He's a King Charles Something Something and she just got him last week. I've known Melanie for almost 2 years. We were partnered up thru the mentoring ministry at Bethany. Actually God did the partnering up. God has taught me so much as we've journeyed together. We try to get together almost every week. I'm always telling her how refreshingly honest she is. In a world where we often wear our "I'm fine and everything is fine" masks, it really is refreshing to know someone who just puts it out there and doesn't cover up.
Melanie is a very organized person and has a wayyyyy cleaner house than I do. She's a determined, kind-hearted, and very forgiving person. Sometimes I give too much advice and am bossy, but she doesn't hold it against me. I'm thankful that God put Melanie and her daughter, Hope, in my life!
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