Thursday, June 4, 2009


Last weekend we went camping with my sister and her husband. It was the Haycreek Valley Campground near Red Wing. It was a lovely time....mostly. The first night the people camped across from us were getting loaded and many others from the place gathered at their site. They were permanent campers and basically informed us they would not be observing quiet at 11 as is expected at campgrounds. We crawled in at 11 and the partying continued til 2:30 with voices at their highest level and the language was enough to scortch your ears. Finally my brave sister yelled and asked them to please go to bed. We won't be returning because at 4:30 we were woke up by.....
Matt, Tessa, and Tyler came out and visited us. Look at this "like father, like daughter". Must be the camp chair pose :)

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Jody Blue said...

I do not enjoy rude camp neighbors! I do however like the matching camp poses!

Becky said...

Was the mostly cuz of the noisy neighbors or my anal husband?

Outside the Line said...

Barby are you out there? Did your computer break? Is the internet down in your neck of the woods?