Thursday, June 4, 2009


This campground had everything! Included in the price were several roosters who wandered the campground crowing loudly--beginning about 4:30 am and continuing til noon. You would have loved this, Jody! He was mighty pretty, but it did remind me how obnoxious they are. When we had them, I can remember laying in bed envisioning ways to slaughter them.
The making of pudgy pies.
There was a big horseshoe......field? One game was enough for me. They were heavy and I had to get a 10 step ahead advantage to even get near the post

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Jody Blue said...

Oh Barb you are right, he is pretty!--and yes I zoomed in to really check him out! Is there a table top horse shoe, if not we should make and market them for girls like us!

Tami said...

What is a pudgy pie? Sounds like a campng dessert? I need to hear more. . .