Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tyler Lee Fahrendholz

When Tyler was little he had a thing for carving or scratching or writing his initials on things. He scratched them on a car once (good thing we drive junkers) and when confronted he was indignant--why did we think he did it? He carved them in a dresser and in the logs our house is made of. The other day I was in my craft room which used to be occupied by the kids and I saw this...initials of Tyler Lee done in glue from a glue gun. Shows just how observant I am! I've always wondered why there is a hardened spot of something on the carpet..drippings no doubt. I suppose when you are one of four, you must leave your mark somehow.
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Tami said...

What a treasure to find, and how nice that you found it now. Previously it may not have made you smile with that "remember when" warm feeling. I'm finding these treasures in the now, and I have to admit no warm fuzzies.

Jody Blue said...

I remember you talking about them carving up your logs! But what a treat, a treasure to cherish--us mama's need that sometimes.