Thursday, May 7, 2009


I've been sewing dresses for orphans in Congo. Made 12 so far. It's fun to pray for the girl who will wear the dress and picture those pretty little girls wearing them. I'm going to make shorts for the boys next.
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Outside the Line said...

Oh Barby these are so SWEET. And how good of you to do this. We are so rich and have so much to give. Once I collected reading glasses for a woman who took them to people in Taiwan, I think. She sent me a picture and a story of a man who could now read his bible again. Whenever I see that picture it makes me want to cry. Not for what I did but how much we all need to continue to do.

And I love those pockets. Those little girls will be so happy.


Tessa Nelson said...

I LOVE THOSE!! Those are really good pictures of them too! I love my mommy!

Tami said...

You are just so amazing. I love the dresses, those little girls are going to be so happy for the blessing. More important than the cloth are the prayers you are covering them with.

Jody Blue said...

I bet they will have those dresses on when we all meet in heaven! You are so specieal.

Becky said...

At first I thot you were sewing for your "friend" but this is a much better idea!