Thursday, May 7, 2009

Woman on a Mission

2 weeks ago I finished a Bible study called Woman on a Mission. It was an excellent study for figuring out what God has equipped you to do. It's great for those times in life when you ask yourself, "What now?" At the end we could make a board with our mission statement and whatever else we wanted to include. The things that kept surfacing for me were, sewing, encouraging, mentoring and friendships, and giving and helping. These are the things that make me feel fulfilled and joyful. My mission statement is: To give of my talents, strengths, and passions in obedience to God's leading. I wish I was a leader, because this would be such a fun study to lead and watch women figure things out about themselves and how unique God made each one of us.

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Jody Blue said...

I love your board, it does capture you, but even more I love your statement, you have live that statement out in so many ways, Thank you for being true to who God creatd you to be.

Barbara said...

I wish you lived in Roberts so you could lead our bible study group through that one. It looks very interesting.

Barb Shank