Tuesday, August 18, 2009

AHHHHH Summer!!!

John took me out to see his fields where he had planted clover seed.
He plants the seeds with a seed spreader. It's a bag that hangs around his neck and has a handle
that he turns. If he's walking, he has to walk at a pretty good clip so the seed
goes out evenly. Last year he requested that I bring a book and lawn chair and watch
him. Whatever makes a guy happy ;) This year I drove the pickup and he sat in the back
spreading seed. I had a hard time seeing the tire tracks where I had been so it was a hit and
miss scene. That is one happy dog who loves to run thru tall grass with his ears blowing
in the wind!
An older gent John used to work with plants a garden here. He has a green thumb
and we get to eat lots of good produce.
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Jody Blue said...

So good of you to drive...miss daisy..or would that be mr. clover? From the looks of it you did a great navigating job. And who doesn't love their ears flapping in the wind!?!