Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jessee's New Ride

Jessee got a new truck today! She deserves it after dealing with her last one. It's very nice! And she's modeling the apron I made for her. After picking out the fabric at Hobby Lobby, I thot it would be fun to get a journal and put a few recipes in. I got back to the journals and there on top was a journal that matched(exactly)the fabric. I see it as a wink from God! ;)
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Tami said...

Oh, I love it when plans come together like that. She's one lucky girl to have you.

Jody Blue said...

A God wink is a thing to treasure a...and write about in a journal! I'm so happy for Jesse, love the color!

Senior Turkey said...

I am a "Barb Wannabee".... Kristi